Please use this area to keep up to date with the Latest in Rules and updates as they are implemented. This area is designed for both Professional and Sportsman Classes.
Phase out of Leaded Fuels 
Pro Radial
What is it –
 Heads up, pro tree drag racing. First to the finish wins!
Big Power on a small radial tyre (max size 315/60/15 Radial or 29.5x10.5 Pro Bracket Radial”)
Racing distance 200 meters (1/8th mile)
Production based cars (up to 3/4chassis)
Variety of power adders with 4, 6 & 8 cylinder engines
Weight breaks in place to keep parity between different power adders
Why -
Big power, Small tyres, in production based cars that people can relate to. Multiple power adders across the class allowing for some great racer rivalry (turbo vs nitrous) (blower vs Aspirated) etc which also brings extra crowd interaction.
Lots of new technology ( Fuel injection, extensive data logging etc)
 It is an extreme challenge to finesse massive amounts of power these cars make to the race track via a small and unforgiving tyre.
When the setup is correct, the tyres are so efficient that you will run faster than what was ever possible on a slick.
Where did it come from -
Drag radial racing started in the USA and then had massive growth in North Carolina where the original 28 vs 275 style races kicked the trend into high gear.
Now there are full calendars of radial races with multiple classes and formats in the US.
If you web search drag radial racing, there would probably be enough content to last a life time of viewing. There are races in the US that are offering $50,000 to win and there are lots of big time racers filling the pits to take some glory!
Some of the biggest US drag radial races are held by the NMCA, Duck X Productions (Lights Out & No Mercy Races @ SGMP), Outlaw Street Car Reunion Memphis, Yellowbullet Nationals Cecil County, Shakedown Norwalk, Fall Brawl Holly Springs, just to name a few.
Most if not every serious US drag strip has a Drag radial in their calendar.
The information & technology is being filtered to Australian racers fast and the increasing trend now is to ditch those old slicks and bolt on some drag radials and go fast.
Field Size Clarification - Supercharged Outlaws - Top Sportsman
Supercharged Outlaws
Class Reg 31620, Supercharged Outlaw
This bracket consists of all vehicles that qualify between 0.00 and 7.99 seconds or (1/8 mile equivalent)
Top Sportsman
Class Reg 32210, Top Sportsman
This bracket consist of all sedans that qualify between 0.00 and 8.99 seconds or (1/8 mile equivalent)
Junior Dragster Rule Amendment

Class Reg 29000, Junior Dragster

If A/JD, and during qualifying, then ET quicker than 7.90 seconds but no quicker than 7.80 seconds permitted, and then only once per event.

Class Reg 29020, Junior Dragster

If B/JD, and during qualifying, then ET quicker than 8.50 seconds but no quicker than 8.40 seconds permitted, and then only once per event.

Class Reg 29030, Junior Dragster

If C/JD, and during qualifying, then ET quicker than 11.90 seconds but no quicker than 11.80 seconds permitted, and then only once per event.

Class Reg, 28940, Junior Dragster, Vehicle Controls

Throttle and brake, operated by foot. Positive throttle return spring in use.

Class Reg 28780, Junior Dragster, Engine, Exhaust, Muffler

Silencer or Muffler Optional.

Class Reg 28790, Junior Dragster, Engine, Exhaust, Muffler

Muffler Optional

Please Note:-
As a Friendly Reminder this rule will be enforced

Class Reg 29050, Junior Dragster

If parent/guardian fails to withdraw their racer from event due to exceeding ET cut-off limits, then racer is suspended for 2 meetings and fined $1,000

Simpson Performance Products Snell SA 2015 Certified Voyager 2 Helmet Recall
BYE RUNS: Rule Number # 7860 All bye runs must produce a winner.
HANDS OF THE STARTER: Rule Number # 7855 Hands of the Starter A vehicle is deemed to be in the hands of the starter when the front wheel/s enter the designated burnout area.
IHRA Australia would like to clarify the ET cut offs for the 2016/2017 season for the following classes
Supercharged Outlaws, Top Sportsman, Super Sedan and Super Street
The following ET limits apply to the below brackets and will be run at all 400 Thunder Championship events:
Supercharged Outlaws → 0 - 7.99
Top Sportsman → 0 - 8.99
Super Sedan → 8.50 - 10.99
Super Street → 10.00 - 12.99
Pro Stock Motorcycle Weight breaks effective June 2016
Suzuki 2 Valves 5.75 lbs. per Cube
Suzuki 4 Valves 5.75 lbs. per Cube
Kawasaki 2 Valves 5.75 lbs. per Cube
Kawasaki 4 Valves 5.75 lbs. per Cube
Buell Billet Engines 665 lbs
Kawasaki's permitted to use Billet Creak cases.
The following points are also in place:
Engine sealing is Mandatory and any issues resulting in clarification of an engine size that hasn't been tagged will result in the cylinder head being removed Post Event for measurement at the track. Failure to so may/can void any results from the event.
If you have any further enquiries please email
Communications Provider OVO Mobile has secured the live streaming broadcast rights for the 400 Thunder Australian Professional Drag Racing Series.
This App is available for download via the App Store and Android devices.
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