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Please use this area to keep up to date with the Latest in Rules and updates as they are implemented. This area is designed for both Professional and Sportsman Classes.  
IHRA - 2nd March 2020
ET and MPH can be set during Qualifying or Eliminations.
All passes require a 1% back up pass.
ET and MPH can only be set during the three rounds of racing.
All passes require a 1% back up pass.

Note: Records cannot be reset in a testing or sighting pass.
Performance racers can set MPH records in Qualifying or Racing.
ET records can only be set during eliminations.
All passes require a 1% back up pass.
Sportsman racers can set ET and MPH records in Qualifying or Racing
All passes require a 1% back up pass.
Runs bettering the current National Record and NOT backed up within 1% will be used to back up a slower run that betters the current National Record.
Any racer claiming a National Record must present the vehicle/bike to an IHRA official immediately after the run for classification, Fuel and Weight verification testing, with time card to verify the claim.
IHRA - 28th November 2019 
Attention: All Junior Dragster Race Teams 
Effective Immediately 
AS/NZS 1698-2006 or AS/NZS 1698 - ECE R22-05 - M2010 and M2015 Standards are primarily used in the motorcycle industry only. These helmets do not come with pre drilled / tapped mounting ports for the fitment of the Frontal Head Restraint System.
Therefore these helmets will not be used with the Frontal Head Restraint System. These actions have led to this Bulletin. 
IHRA Australia Technical Department wish to advise all Junior Dragster Teams that an updated helmet MATRIX has been made available on the IHRA Australia website. http://www.ihra.com.au/helmets.html  
Note: Motorcycle Helmets are strictly prohibited for the use with the Frontal Head Restraint System. 
IHRA Australia
IHRA - 30th September 2019 
Attention: All Junior Dragster Race Teams, 
As we can all appreciate, safety is paramount, and we must all play a part in keeping our future stars of the sport safe and protected throughout their journey in junior drag racing.
Therefore in keeping with world standards IHRA Australia Tech Department has announced that all Junior Dragster categories A/JD, B/JD and C/JD competitors, commencing January 1st 2020 you will be required to wear a head and neck restraint/system meeting SFI 38.1 or FIA 8858-2002 or FIA 8858-2010. The device/system must be commercially produced by a manufacturer in the SFI 38.1 or FIA 8858-2002 or FIA 8858-2010 head and neck restraint program. The head and neck restraint device/system, when connected, must conform to the manufacturer's instructions, and it must be configured, maintained, and used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
A head and neck restraint device/system may be used with or without a neck collar. if the device/system is used without a neck collar, a head sock/balaclava  or skirted helmet is mandatory.
The IHRA Australia Supplementary Rule App has been updated with Class Reg 28605 being added and Class Reg 28610 being amended. 
IHRA Australia
Tech Department 
Modified Bike Capacity Limits  
A/MB & AA/MB   1061cc and over   1101cc and over   1201cc and over
B/MB & BB/MB 801cc to 1060cc 901cc to 1100cc 1001cc to 1200cc
C/MB & CC/MB   641cc to 800cc   721c to 900cc   801cc to 1000cc
D/MB & DD/MB   Up to 640cc   Up to 720cc   Up to 800cc
Class Reg 29200, Modified Bike, Engine
Engine Capacity, See table and then to a maximum of 2500 cc.
Class Reg 29230, Modified Bike, Engine
Up to a maximum of 3 fitted and no limit on combined capacity.
Fake SFI Harnesses (Reminder)  

Just a reminder that these fake harnesses for sale on eBay and other on-line stores have been sited at Willowbank Raceway recently.


Most of these harnesses are marketed as being well-known brands, such as Sparco, Takata or Sabelt, but others may also exist. The harnesses appear genuine, but are copies made by unapproved manufacturers. These copies have not been tested, are frequently made from inferior materials, and are likely to fail at substantially lower speeds than the genuine belts.

How to tell:

  1. All FIA spec harnesses made since the start of 2013 (expiry dates 2018 or later) must have a transparent FIA hologram sewn onto at least one of the shoulder straps. These labels are supplied to the manufacturers by the FIA and are expensive and difficult to reproduce. If there is no hologram and the expiry is 2018 or later, it is a fake.
  2. The homologation number is often incorrect. A correct homologation number looks like:

FIA D-999.T/98

There must be a space between the FIA and the D (or B or C), and a single dash between the D and the homologation number. There must be a dot between the homologation number and the T (or B) and a forward slash to the 98. If there are missing spaces, dashes or points, it is a fake. Most of the dodgy numbers are D-120 and D-124 homologations. The number FIA D-120.T/98 is a genuine number for a TRW/Sabelt harness, but only if used by the original manufacturer.

  1. The “D” in the homologation number specifies a 6-strap belt. A “C” represents a 5-strap belt and a “B”, a 4-strap belt. If you are offered a 4 or 5 strap belt with a “D” number, it is a fake.

Where the upper harness is used in multiple configurations (4, 5 or 6-strap) it will have three different homologation numbers, one for each of B, C and D.

  1. Physical Differences:
    1. The fake harnesses may use different stitching at the ends compared to the genuine one. However, as different manufacturer use different stitching it is not possible to generalise on this. In the case of the D-120 and D-124 homologations, the fakes have multiple crossed stitches whereas the original has only have a single cross:
    2. Buckles: The buckles will often not click in properly, and are prone to partial engagement and subsequent release. The mechanism can also feel flimsy and be poorly finished.
    3. The manufacturer’s labels may be an out of date design.

If you have bought one of these belts, try to return it to the eBay supplier. They are, whether knowingly or not, committing fraud and can face legal action. Should someone be killed or injured by the failure of one of these belts the likelihood of jail for the seller is high, not to mention the potential for litigation.


These are not isolated cases. The first five results returned after a recent eBay search by the AASA under Sabelt Harnesses were all fakes; being 4-strap harnesses with the 6-strap “D” homologation. AASA has notified eBay about several of the belts, but the scope of the problem is enormous.

If you have purchased a harness from an on-line seller in the past two years, please check it. Scrutineers will be looking for them. Fakes will not be accepted at Scrutiny and your car will be rejected.

One of the awful consequences of these harnesses is that our genuine suppliers with original equipment for sale are being pushed out of the market. No bricks and mortar seller with a $450 genuine harness can compete against the $150 fakes from dodgy suppliers.

Effective Immediately  

IHRA Australia would like to inform racers that VP Race Fuels has been working to resolve previous issues with the specific gravity of its race fuel (PSX +) and has now re homologated the fuel to ensure a consistent outcome for all parties. This fuel is available to use at the next event and onwards.

Should you have any queries regarding your fuel do not hesitate to contact VP Race Fuels in Sydney on (02) 9723 4233  
PRO MOD - Honeywell Garrett Jamboree Class Overview  
Pro Mod will utilise a Heads Up Pro Tree start and will race using a Seeded Chicago Shootout Format for field sizes from 6 to 24. This may be amended depending on the number of available vehicles and the particular event schedule. It is designed for full-bodied purpose-built, Pro Mod & Door Slammer style vehicles, turbocharged, Blown or Nitrous RWD race vehicles with minimal rule restrictions using V8 engines. Maximum of 2 power adders permitted. Vehicles must run 6 sec or quicker and have functioning doors. Detailed class rules to be developed in the future  
Class Designation: PM preceded by car number
The Rules Currently
  • Vehicle must have doors
  • Vehicle must run 6sec or quicker
  • V8 Turbo, Blown or Nitrous engine combo only
  • All vehicles must meet IHRA Australia General Regulations
  • Must have fun!

Racing Format.

Heads up Pro Tree Start, Seeded Chicago Shootout  
Carbon Fibre Brakes:  
General Reg 805, Safety, Chassis/Frame, Carbon Fibre  
Carbon Fibre brake rotors measurning a minimum diameter of 280mm (11inches_ rear wheels minimum required on all vehicles weighing more than 2100 lbs (925 kgs) and exceed 225 mph.
Carbon Fibre brake rotors must be used in conjunction with specific carbon fibre brake pads.
Mandatory from 01/01/2019
NOTICE of RECALL: Driver Restraint Assemblies Manufactured and Certified to SFI Specification 16.1 by Ruian Dragon and Ruian Dongjinlong.   
To All Racers, Sanctioning Body Officials, Equipment Wholesalers and Retailers,   
Driver Restraint Assemblies Manufactured and Certified to SFI Specification 16.1 by Ruian Dragon and Ruian Dongjinlong have been found to be non-compliant with SFI Specification 16.1. All camlock type Driver Restraint Assemblies Manufactured and Certified to SFI Specification 16.1 by Ruian Dragon and Ruian Dongjinlong must be immediately be removed from service and retured by Ruian Dongjinlong.   
This recall includes Driver Restraint Assemblies Manufactured and Certified to SFI Specification 16.1 by Ruian Dragon or Ruian Dongjinlong and sold under the " TANAKA" BRAND:   
Ruian Dongjinlong Auto Parts Co.,Ltd
Buliding 1, No.2 South Development Zone, Economic Development Zone,
Feiyun Town, Ruian City, Zhejiang, China
Tel:+86-13486706757  +86-0577-66853034 Fax: +86-0577-65028808
E-mail:alanwanautoparts@vip.163.com  www.djlseatbelts.com  
15708 Pomerado Road, Suite N208, Poway, CA 92064 • (858)451-8868 FAX# (858)451-9268
website: www.sfifoundation.com email: sfi@sfifoundation.com 
  Since Ruian Dongjinlong's (Formerly Ruian Dragon) camlock 3 inch 5 points racing harness has some camlock assemblies issues, Any and all camlock Driver Restraint Assemblies Manufactured certified to SFI Specification 16.1 By Ruian Dongjinlong, including but not limited to those branded as "TANAKA", "PW" and "TENZO-R" must be immediately removed from website and returned to Ruian Dongjinlong. All applicable sanctiong bodies have been notified of the nonclompliance.

At the moment, herby Ruian Dongjinlong will recall all products we sold. And will do some improvement for camlock style racing harness and will be recertified soon.

Sorry for bringin you some Inconvenience. 
  Ruian Dongjinlong Auto Parts Co.,Ltd

30th. March, 2018           


IHRA Australia has increased the upper age limit for Junior Dragster competitors. Upon Driver turning 18 years of age any further competition is forbidden.  
Class Reg 28500 Junior Dragster, Safety, Driver / Rider, Credentials  
Aged between 8 and 17 years and correct JD Class Licence held has parent / guardian consent.  
Class Reg 28520 Junior Dragster, Safety, Driver / Rider, Credentials  
Upon Driver turning 18 years of age any further competition is forbidden.  
Class Reg 28530, Junior Dragster, Safety, Driver / Rider, Credentials  
If A/JD, then for drivers between the ages of 13 and 17 years, limited to ET no quicker than 7.90 seconds and Top Speed no faster than 89.99mph (144kph)  
Class Reg 28540, Junior Dragster, Safety, Driver / Rider, Credentials  
If B/JD, then for drivers between the ages of 11 and 17 years, limited to ET no quicker than 8.50 seconds and Top Speed no faster than 80 mph (128kph)  
Class Reg 29071, Junior Dragster  
If a new driver for A/JD Driver must be between 13 and 17 years of age and must complete 6 runs between 8.50 and 8.90 to the satisfaction of an IHRA Steward, to be recorded on race licence, may be conducted over series of events. After initial sign off competitor must complete 6 runs between 7.90 and 8.50 to the satisfaction of an IHRA Steward before competing in competition. All runs to be solo passes.  

For any further information please contact Head Office on 03 9736 9578.

Kind Regards
IHRA Australia
Phase out of Leaded Fuels   
Pro Radial  
What is it –  
 Heads up, pro tree drag racing. First to the finish wins!  
Big Power on a small radial tyre (max size 315/60/15 Radial or 29.5x10.5 Pro Bracket Radial”)  
Racing distance 200 meters (1/8th mile)  
Production based cars (up to 3/4chassis)  
Variety of power adders with 4, 6 & 8 cylinder engines  
Weight breaks in place to keep parity between different power adders  
Why -  
Big power, Small tyres, in production based cars that people can relate to. Multiple power adders across the class allowing for some great racer rivalry (turbo vs nitrous) (blower vs Aspirated) etc which also brings extra crowd interaction.  
Lots of new technology ( Fuel injection, extensive data logging etc)  
 It is an extreme challenge to finesse massive amounts of power these cars make to the race track via a small and unforgiving tyre.  
When the setup is correct, the tyres are so efficient that you will run faster than what was ever possible on a slick.  
Where did it come from -  
Drag radial racing started in the USA and then had massive growth in North Carolina where the original 28 vs 275 style races kicked the trend into high gear.  
Now there are full calendars of radial races with multiple classes and formats in the US.  
If you web search drag radial racing, there would probably be enough content to last a life time of viewing. There are races in the US that are offering $50,000 to win and there are lots of big time racers filling the pits to take some glory!  
Some of the biggest US drag radial races are held by the NMCA, Duck X Productions (Lights Out & No Mercy Races @ SGMP), Outlaw Street Car Reunion Memphis, Yellowbullet Nationals Cecil County, Shakedown Norwalk, Fall Brawl Holly Springs, just to name a few.  
Most if not every serious US drag strip has a Drag radial in their calendar.
The information & technology is being filtered to Australian racers fast and the increasing trend now is to ditch those old slicks and bolt on some drag radials and go fast.
Field Size Clarification - Supercharged Outlaws - Top Sportsman  
Supercharged Outlaws  
Class Reg 31620, Supercharged Outlaw  
This bracket consists of all vehicles that qualify between 0.00 and 7.99 seconds or (1/8 mile equivalent)  
Top Sportsman  
Class Reg 32210, Top Sportsman  
This bracket consist of all sedans that qualify between 0.00 and 8.99 seconds or (1/8 mile equivalent)  
Junior Dragster Rule Amendment  

Class Reg 29000, Junior Dragster

If A/JD, and during qualifying, then ET quicker than 7.90 seconds but no quicker than 7.80 seconds permitted, and then only once per event.


Class Reg 29020, Junior Dragster

If B/JD, and during qualifying, then ET quicker than 8.50 seconds but no quicker than 8.40 seconds permitted, and then only once per event.


Class Reg 29030, Junior Dragster

If C/JD, and during qualifying, then ET quicker than 11.90 seconds but no quicker than 11.80 seconds permitted, and then only once per event.


Class Reg, 28940, Junior Dragster, Vehicle Controls

Throttle and brake, operated by foot. Positive throttle return spring in use.


Class Reg 28780, Junior Dragster, Engine, Exhaust, Muffler

Silencer or Muffler Optional.


Class Reg 28790, Junior Dragster, Engine, Exhaust, Muffler

Muffler Optional

Please Note:-  
As a Friendly Reminder this rule will be enforced  

Class Reg 29050, Junior Dragster

If parent/guardian fails to withdraw their racer from event due to exceeding ET cut-off limits, then racer is suspended for 2 meetings and fined $1,000

Simpson Performance Products Snell SA 2015 Certified Voyager 2 Helmet Recall  
BYE RUNS: Rule Number # 7860 All bye runs must produce a winner.  
HANDS OF THE STARTER: Rule Number # 7855 Hands of the Starter A vehicle is deemed to be in the hands of the starter when the front wheel/s enter the designated burnout area.  
IHRA Australia would like to clarify the ET cut offs for the 2016/2017 season for the following classes  
Supercharged Outlaws, Top Sportsman, Super Sedan and Super Street  
The following ET limits apply to the below brackets and will be run at all 400 Thunder Championship events:  
Supercharged Outlaws → 0 - 7.99
Top Sportsman → 0 - 8.99
Super Sedan → 8.50 - 10.99
Super Street → 10.00 - 12.99
Pro Stock Motorcycle Weight breaks effective June 2016  
Suzuki 2 Valves 5.75 lbs. per Cube
Suzuki 4 Valves 5.75 lbs. per Cube
Kawasaki 2 Valves 5.75 lbs. per Cube
Kawasaki 4 Valves 5.75 lbs. per Cube
Buell Billet Engines 665 lbs
Kawasaki's permitted to use Billet Creak cases.
The following points are also in place:  
Engine sealing is Mandatory and any issues resulting in clarification of an engine size that hasn't been tagged will result in the cylinder head being removed Post Event for measurement at the track. Failure to so may/can void any results from the event.  
If you have any further enquiries please email technical@ihra.com.au  
This App is available for download via the App Store and Android devices.
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