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400 THUNDER / IHRA Joint Statement

Joint Statement on behalf of:

IHRA Australia

400 Thunder

6th February 2020

In response to an article published in yesterdays paper regarding Top Fuel Racer Wayne Newby, IHRA Australia & 400 Thunder have issued the following statement:

“in light of the article published on the Daily Telegraph on the 5th February 2020, we acknowledge the seriousness of the charges and subsequent conviction of Wayne Newby.

IHRA Australia and 400 Thunder are undertaking a joint investigation into the case given the seriousness of the issue. The results of this will be shared with his team, Rapisarda Autosport International and Wayne himself.

It is important to note that Wayne has taken full responsibility in his actions surrounding the case in question. He has pleaded guilty before the courts and accepts his sentence in full. His prior impeccable record regarding this type of charge has been considered by the courts and has been a significant factor in the outcome.

Wayne is in close contact with us in order to work through the issues at hand.

Wayne made a mistake, a mistake that he has acknowledged. He is embarrassed and apologises unequivocally to his family, friends, team and to the sport of Drag Racing for his behaviour which is completely out of character.”


Maurice Allen, IHRA Australia CEO
0433 120 320

Steve Bettes, 400 Thunder General Manager
0409 489 294
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