Enquiries: 07 5324 1360
Ever wanted to work in motorsport? Now is your opportunity! 
IHRA Australia is looking for the right people to enhance our existing race-day team.
The people we're looking for will be trained as IHRA Stewards to ensure the safe and fair running of our event.
You will need to bring the following skill with you:
•  Technically-minded
•  Attention to Detail
•  Able to think on your feet
•  Excellent interpersonal and customer skills
•  Good problem-solving skills
•  Equally comfortable working in a team environment or on your own
•  The ability to be firm but fair in your dealings with racers
•  Reasonable grasp of our racing classes
•  Good basic understanding of drag racing
A reasonable level of fitness is also needed as you will be on your feet for reasonably long periods
while you perform your duties.
Positions are available Nationwide
Former racers, crew members and stewards are especially welcome to apply. for insurance purposes,
we can only accept applications for those 18 years of age and over.
Interested? Email your resume and contact details to Maurice Allen at mallen@ihra.com
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