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It is essential for every participant to understand this fundamental rule of drag racing: Prime responsibility for the safe condition and operation of a vehicle in competition rest with the vehicle owner, driver and crewmembers. The track operator’s main concern is to provide a place to conduct events. IHRA Australia produces guidelines based on experience and circulates information to help perpetuate the sport. Close observance of the standard set forth in the Rulebook is required for all participants, including owners, drivers, and crewmembers.


However, drag racing is dangerous. Therefore, no express or implied warranty of safety is created from publication of or compliance with IHRA Australia rules, nor does compliance with IHRA Australia rules guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others.


Drag racing is a dangerous sport. There is no such thing as a guaranteed safe drag race. Drag racing always carries with it the risk of serious injury or death in any number of ways. This risk will always exist no matter how much everyone connected with drag racing tries to make our sport safer. Although IHRA Australia works to promote and enhance the safety of the sport, there are no guarantees that such safety measures will guarantee or ensure safety.


The participant’s own safety, and by participating in drag racing, the participant accepts all risks of injury, whether due to negligence, vehicle failure, or otherwise. If any time a participant does not accept these risks, the participant agrees not to participate in drag racing.

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