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IHRA - 14/12/2017
Summer Slammers Coming to Sydney Dragway
Sydney Dragway- IHRA - 12/12/2017

After the loss of the 400 Thunder Australian Professional Drag Racing Series  championship round due to be run at Calder Park in January, Sydney Dragway will now host round 4 of the 2017-18 Pro Slammer Championship at the Santo’s Summer Thunder in January 2018.

IHRA Australia Recruiting Stewards for Willowbank Raceway Qld
Willowbank Raceway- IHRA - 01/12/2017
Ever wanted to work in motorsport? Now is your opportunity. IHRA Australia is now recruiting stewards for Willowbank Raceway.
For further information please contact Maurice Allen at
mallen@ihra.com ...
Larry Ormsby releases limited edition book " The Larry Ormsby Scrapbook"
- The Ford Years -
IHRA - 29/11/2017
In a must-have for all Drag Racing and Muscle Car fans, legendary Australian drag racer, the Big . Larry Ormsby has just released a stunning, limited edition book detailing the early years of his incredible career...
400 Thunder Drag Racing on 7mate
400 THUNDER - IHRA - 24/11/2017
Australia's professional drag racing series 400 Thunder today confirmed the initial programing for 400 Thunder Drag Racing to be aired on 7mate commencing on 30th November...
AC Delco East Coast Thunder Draws to a Spectacular Conclusion
400 THUNDER - IHRA - 05/11/2017
Despite the best efforts of mother nature, the AC Delco East Coast Thunder was drawn to a close with sensational racing across the 400 Thunder Professional Series...
Champions rein supreme after qualifying for AC Delco East Coast Thunder
400 THUNDER - IHRA - 04/11/2017
Current 400 Thunder Series Champions Wayne Newby, Chris Matheson and Aaron Tremayne will lead their respective classes into eliminations after qualifying was abbreviated by rain with the final session of Top Fuel left to run...
400 Thunder Announces Channel 7 Deal
400 THUNDER - IHRA - 31/10/2017
Australia's Professional Drag Racing Series, 400 Thunder today confirmed that an agreement has been finalised with Channel 7 to air 400 Thunder Drag Racing on 7mate moving forward...
Issue of Logbooks - Information for all Queensland Racers & Team Owners
IHRA - 12/10/2017
All Log Book Applications and renewals will now be required to be processed through the IHRA Australia head office. This means that racers in Queensland will have to send through the Log Book application...
Sydney Dragway goes PINK for Women's Cancers during October
IHRA - Sydney Dragway 11/10/2017
Sydney Dragway has a long history of being associated with charity and female racers, so when the opportunity arose to show a softer side and also support for the prevention of women's cancers, it seemed like a natural fit...
AC Delco Signs Naming Rights Partnership with Sydney Dragway
IHRA - 400 Thunder 09/10/2017
Aftermarket automotive industry leader ADCelco has today announced an agreement to secure the naming rights to the East Coast Thunder to be held at Sydney Dragway in November...
Sportsman Performance Classes move to National Records System
IHRA - 400 Thunder 03/10/2017
As part of their commitment to keep Australian Drag Racing competitive, relevant and fair, 400 Thunder and IHRA Australia have approved an overhaul to the 400 Thunder Sportsman Series Performance Classes...
Top Fuel Drag Racing to compete over 1000ft.
IHRA - 400 Thunder 29/09/2017
Australia's professional drag racing series, 400 Thunder today confirmed that commencing at the AC Delco East Coast Thunder event to be held at Sydney Dragway in early November, Top Fuel Dragsters will race to 1000ft...
New plate holders ready to carry #1 into new Season
IHRA - 400 Thunder 13/07/2017
With the 400 THUNDER Professional Drag Racing Season drawing to a close after the 50th Gulf Western Oil Winternationals, a new breed of champions is ready to carry their respective number ones...
Paul Mouhayet's 68 Mustang Measures Up
IHRA - 400 Thunder 05/07/2017
Only hours after Paul Mouhayet's brand new 68 Mustang Pro Slammer was delivered from the United States, IHRA Australia were on hand to see if the Mustang would measure up....
Kelly Bettes 4.660 @ 326.87
IHRA - 26/06/2017 - Willowbank Raceway
Kelly Bettes 4.66 @ 326.87 IHRA Australia would like to congratulate Kelly Bettes and the Lamattina Team for completing there Top Fuel Licence. Kelly is the first Australian female to...
Phase out of LEADED Fuels
IHRA - 22/06/2017
Date: 22/06/2017 Att: All Competitors, Engine Builders, Speed Shops. Re: Phase out of Leaded Fuels. We wish to inform all Competitors that a decision by the Australian Minister for the...
Weather Curtails Winternationals Eliminations
IHRA - 400 Thunder - 21/06/2017 Willowbank Raceway
400 Thunder Professional Drag Racing Series. The fourth and final day of the 50th Gulf Western Oil Winternationals was set to be a fitting finale of what had been an...
Records Tumble at Winternationals Day 3
IHRA - 400 Thunder - 10/06/2017 - Willowbank Raceway
Records tumble at Winternationals Day 3. The 400 Thunder Series picked up where it left off at the 50th Gulf Western Oil Winternationals on Saturday afternoon, with two qualifying sessions...
History made in 400 Thunder early qualifying
IHRA - 400 Thunder - 10/06/2017 - Willowbank Raceway
History made in 400 Thunder early qualifying. The 400 Thunder Series put on a show Friday evening with the first round of Professional Series qualifying for the 50th Gulf Western Oil Winternationals...
Nitro Thunder National Records
IHRA - 400 Thunder - Sydney Dragway
IHRA Australia would like to thank all competitors who competed at the Gulf Western Oils Nitro Thunder event held at Sydney Dragway on the 5th and 6th May 2017...
NITRO THUNDER Sends the Record Books Tumbling
IHRA - 400 Thunder - Sydney Dragway
One of the most historic days of Australian Drag Racing is in the record books - now overflowing with new standards from the 2017 Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder. The...
Day One of Nitro Thunder Delivers in Sydney
IHRA - 400 Thunder - Sydney Dragway
DAY ONE OF NITRO THUNDER DELIVERS IN SYDNEY The Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder delivered a spectacular opening day, providing some of the...
Nitro Thunder Event Preview
IHRA - 400 Thunder - Sydney Dragway
Nitro Thunder Event Preview The Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder will hit Sydney Dragway with a storm of horsepower t assault the senses on the 5th and 6th of May...
IHRA - 400 Thunder 12/02/2017
IHRA as a recognised leader in safety standards has been working to improve safety standards within Australia.
Working closely with the 400 Thunder Championship, as well as both Willowbank Raceway and Sydney Dragway, IHRA Australia is extremely keen to see safety standards for competitors improve...
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