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Attention: All Junior Dragster Race Teams
IHRA - 28/11/2019
Effective Immediately
AS/NZS 1698-2006 or AS/NZS 1698 - ECE R22-05 - M2010 and M2015 Standards are primarily used in the motorcycle industry only. These helmets do not come with pre drilled / tapped mounting ports for the fitment of the Frontal Head Restraint System.
Therefore these helmets will not be used with the Frontal Head Restraint System. These actions have led to this Bulletin. IHRA Australia Technical Department wish to advise all Junior Dragster Teams that an updated helmet MATRIX has been made available on the IHRA Australia website. http://www.ihra.com.au/helmets.html  
Note: Motorcycle Helmets are strictly prohibited for the use with the Frontal Head Restraint System. 
IHRA Australia
IHRA - 6/12/2019
IHRA Australia would like to clarify our position in relation to a recent announcement in the USA, surrounding a new class for Junior Dragster.
Recently IHRA Australia increased the age limit to 18 years of age, this decision was made to fill a void, that could occur with Junior Dragster racers not being able to step into a bigger race car...
IHRA - 13/09/2019
Attention: All Junior Dragster Race Teams
As we can all appreciate, safety is paramount, and we must all play a part in keeping our future stars of the sport safe and protected throughout their journey in junior drag racing.
Therefore in keeping with world standards IHRA Australia Tech Department has announced that all Junior categories A/JD, B/JD and C/JD competitors, commencing January 1st 2020 will be required to wear a head and neck restraint/system meeting SFI 38.1 OR fia 8858-2002 or FIA 8858-2010..... 
IHRA - 11/09/2019
Ever wanted to work in Motorsport? Now is your opportunity!

IHRA Australia is looking for the right people to enhance our existing race-day team in Victoria.
The people we're looking for will be trained as IHRA Stewards and IHRA Australia Technical Inspectors.

All IHRA Australia Technical Inspectors will be SFI Certified

You will need to bring the following skills with you:

  • Technically-minded

  • Attention to Detail
  • Able to think on your feet
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer skills
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Equally comfortable working in a team environment or on your own
  • The ability to be firm but fair in your dealings with racers
  • Reasonable grasp of our racing classes
  • Good basic understanding of drag racing

A reasonable level of fitness is also needed as you will be on your feet for reasonably long periods while you perform your duties.
Please contact IHRA Australia via email. admin@ihraaustralia.com.au
Reciprocal Event Licences
IHRA - 8/08/2019
Attention Racers
Reciprocal Event Licences are available for all Sportsman racers with an alternative sanctioning body, who wish to compete in a IHRA Australia Sanctioned Event.
You can DOWNLOAD and complete this document and send to admin@ihraaustralia.com.au

 Click Here to Download Form

  • One-Day Event Licence for Sportsman Categories
  • Cost of IHRA Australia Event Licence is ONLY $50.00 to the Racer
  • Technical Inspect (100% Scrutineering) to be completed at Track by an IHRA Technical Officer (Valid for Event Only).
  • A Reciprocal Event Licence can ONLY be purchased twice in the same season
  • A current Licence and Logbook in date from an Alternative sanctioning body must be provided
  • Request and payment for a Reciprocal Event Licence must be completed prior to the Event.
  • Allocated times will be made available for the vehicle to be inspected
  • Teams responsibility to ensure the vehicle meets all IHRA Australia class regulations and class designations
  • IHRA Australia reserves the right to disallow any vehicle not compliant with class regulations and class designations

IHRA - 19/06/2019
Attention Competitors - Professional / Sportsman
Please ensure that everyone in your race team reads and understands the ban on leaded racing fuels at all IHRA Australia sanctioned events. As you are aware the ban comes into place on July 1st 2019, effecting the sport as a whole. This means that fuel suppliers are no longer allowed to sell or give away any racing fuels to any teams that contain "LEAD" 
Please understand that if you have any leftover racing fuel that contains Lead you will not be able to bring it to the racetrack. There will be strict sanctions imposed on any competitor caught.
As part of IHRA Australia's  ongoing fuel testing, it will be policy that random fuel samples will be collected and tested by IHRA Australia Stewards after a run has been completed. Fuel samples will be sent for further independent analysis after each event.
If the sample returns a positive for lead, the competitor will be in breach of Section13 Racing Fuels Approvals (Unleaded) as set down by the minister for the Environment and Energy Hon Josh Frydenberg MP as 16th December 2016

As a result any competitor returning a positive fuel result will be faced with a 12 month suspension and a $5000 monetary fine. 
IHRA - 1/07/2019
IHRA Australia's Performance Sportsman Record Review Committee would like to advise Performance and Sportsman competitors that as of 1st July 2019 that all National Records have been reset. Current Record holders names will remain in place until reset at future events.
Performance racers are now able to set MPH Records in Qualifying and Racing with ET Record setting unchanged.
Sportsman racers are now able to set either MPH or ET Records from any 2 runs in Qualifying or Racing.
Click to visit Reset IHRA Australia National Records
IHRA Australia Adds Exciting New Category to Pro Alcohol
IHRA - 24/04/2019

IHRA Australia is excited about adding a new category into the Professional Class of Pro Alcohol.


The class will be known as: Pro Alcohol Injected Nitro Dragster.

The bracket designation: PA/IND (Pro Alcohol / Injected Nitro Dragster).


In working with the Pro Alcohol association it was seen by all as a positive step... READ MORE
Performance Sportsman Record Review Committee
IHRA - 11/04/2019
IHRA Australia would like to announce the implementation of a new Performance Sportsman Record Review Committee.
This committee will cover all areas of the IHRA Australia Performance and Sportsman categories.

This committee will consist of the following members:
Tony Polito
Ron Newton
Shayne Homes

IHRA Australia looks forward to working with this Record Review Committee in achieving the best possible outcome for the sport.
VP Fuels QM25 Added to IHRA Approved Fuels List
IHRA - 19/02/2019
Designed for naturally aspirated, high revving applications. QM25 is an oxygenated unleaded racing fuel like no other! Compared to other Unleaded racing fuels, QM25 has shown to have significant torque and HP gains.
Suited for Australian Pro Stock, Super Stock and N/A drag racing applications.
* Re-tuning is required.
* for any tech enquiries please contact VP Racing Fuels on (02) 9723 4233, or
Fake FIA Harness  (Reminder) 
IHRA - 19/02/2019

Just a reminder that these fake harnesses for sale on eBay and other on-line stores have been sited at Willowbank Raceway recently.

Most of these harnesses are marketed as being well-known brands, such as Parco, Takata or Sabelt, but others may also exist. The harnesses appear genuine, but are copies made by unapproved manufacturers... READ MORE
Implementation of New Pro Slammer Review Panel
IHRA - 26/02/2019

HRA Australia is pleased to announce the implementation of a new review panel being commissioned by IHRA Australia and Pro Slammer, this new initiative has seen the appointment of a dedicated group of individuals covering all areas of the Drag Racing Industry.

Maurice Allen IHRA Australia CEO sees  this review panel as a great step forward for Pro Slammer that  will see the Panel meet three times per year to discuss and implement policies  overseeing  areas such as protective clothing, minimum race car specifications (including SFI), areas of safety equipment, Which will all help to ultimately deliver a standard spec vehicle for Australian ¼ Mile Pro Slammer racing for both current and  new cars entering Pro Slammer.


The Panel will consist of the following members:

Craig Burns

Mark Hinchelwood

Steven Ham

Ron Newton

Victor Bray


IHRA Australia looks forward to working with this review panel in achieving the best possible outcome for the sport.

IHRA - 16/02/2019
Helmet laws changed quite dramatically in 2016, leaving many riders confused, but the bottom line is you can now wear helmets that are ‘European standard’, opening up a range of new brands and helmets to riders, and potentially encouraging competition among manufacturers. Australian standards still apply, but any helmet that falls under these classifications is ‘fit for purpose...READ MORE

Click to view PDF version
Statement Regarding Race Vehicle No:125  Santo's Summer Thunder 19th January 2019
IHRA - 11/02/2019
Due to the team failing to fulfill  a request to supply technical data, the decision by IHRA Australia has been made to withdraw race car no: 125 from the final results.
The event results will stand with no winner declared.
SYDNEY DRAGWAY: To our valued racers, supporters and fans
IHRA - 29/11/2019
The sanctioning body for Sydney Dragway, IHRA Australia, has conducted a series of investigations following the incident involving Sam Fenech’s Pro Slammer at the Santo’s Summer Thunder event last Saturday.
Inspection of the catch net system has identified that one of the support posts at the side of the net has been damaged...
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