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  19th November 2021
  IHRA Entertainment LLC and IHRA Australia Pty Ltd (IHRA) appeared in the Supreme Court of New South Wales today for a hearing of its interlocutory injunction application against Western Sydney International Dragway Limited (WSID).
  At today's hearing after hearing from the Plaintiffs' Counsel Mr Paul Hayes QC, the presiding judge Justice Ball expedited the case and set down the matter down for trial to commence 1 February 2022. Accordingly, because the Court expedited the proceedings, IHRA today saw fit not to press its application for temporary relief, given that its case which seeks final permanent relief against WSID will now be heard early at the expedited trial.
  In the meantime, the 400 Thunder event scheduled to take place at Sydney Dragway on 4 and 5 February 2022 will proceed as scheduled and will be IHRA sanctioned.
IHRA remains committed to providing contemporary sanctioning of drag racing accross Australia and working with its members, parner venues and key stakeholders to deliver growth and opportunity to the sport.
  As the matter is still before the Court, IHRA will be making no further comment.
  IHRA Australia Pro Slammer Body Approvals
  IHRA 9th November 2021
In an exciting announcement today, IHRA Australia would like to announce that we have approved the use of late model bodies in Pro Slammer.
  CEO Maurice Allen believes that due to the lack of Australian products currently available, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce these two iconic  body styles.
  Both the Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang body styles made by Five-Star have been approved by IHRA Australia Technical Director Tim Nielsen.
  We are excited to be working with Five-Star Bodies and thank them for welcoming our sanctioning body into their ongoing body work program.
  Further to this exciting announcement, further inclusions into this late model body programme will also be considered and, as we to press, IHRA Australia is awaiting on an application for a Dodge Challenger body style. 
  As per the announcement from the AC Delco Racing Team yesterday, this further adds to the excitement in the 400 Thunder Pro Slammer category, with the inclusion of Mustangs and Dodges being thrown into the mix in this hard-charging eliminator. 
  The CEO of IHRA Australia sees this move as being pro-active in shifting the goal posts and providing our valued spectators the opportunity to keep up with the latest trends and have access to the same product off showroom floors.
We look forward to seeing these new body styles on the track from January 1, 2022 
  AC Delco Racing Team 
  Top Sportsman Upper ET Cut Off
400 Thunder Series Season 2021 - 2022 
  IHRA - 6th July 2021 
  Effective immediately
The upper cut-off for Top Sportsman will be lowered from 8.99 to 8.49. The only exception to this will be rounds held at Springmount Raceway, where the cut-off will be 8.69 to allow for higher altitude conditions and its effect on engine performance.
  Rule amendments 
Class Reg 32200, Top Sportsman
If Championship Event, then dial-ins must remain between 0.00 and 8.49 inclusive.
Class Reg 32205, Top Sportsman
If Championship Event at Springmount Raceway, then dial-ins must remain between 0.00 and 8.69 inclusive.
Class Reg 32210, Top Sportsman
This Bracket consists of all Sedans that qualify between 0.00 and 8.49 seconds or (1/8 mile equivalent).

   21st October 2021
  IHRA Entertainment LLC and IHRA Australia Pty Ltd (IHRA) today have initiated legal proceedings against Western Sydney International Dragway Ltd (Sydney Dragway) in the New South Wales Supreme Court. This action is in response to Sydney Dragway’s unilateral and unlawful termination of its contract with IHRA on 29 September 2021, for IHRA to be the official and exclusive sanctioning body for all races taking place at Sydney Dragway up until 31 December 2023. 
  IHRA is seeking an interlocutory injunction to prevent Sydney Dragway from proceeding with the purported contract Sydney Dragway says it now has with the Australian Drag Racing Association Ltd (ANDRA) in lieu of IHRA, until the matter is determined by the court. 
  IHRA has also notified ANDRA of the legal proceedings it has commenced today against Sydney Dragway. 
  Sydney Dragway has been on written notice from IHRA since July 2021 that if it wrongfully repudiated or terminated its contract with IHRA, IHRA would be left with no option other than to commence legal proceedings to protect its contractual rights and entitlements. 
  As the matter is now before the New South Wales Supreme Court, IHRA will not be making any further comment about this matter until the legal process is concluded. 
   30th September 2021
  IHRA Australia is extremely disappointed to have yesterday received advice that the board of Sydney Dragway have decided to terminate its binding and exclusive contract with IHRA Australia, and its parent company, as the official and exclusive representative and sanctioning body for all races, events or promotions conducted by Sydney Dragway.
IHRA Australia has instructed its lawyers to immediately commence legal proceedings against Sydney Dragway for its wrongful termination of the contract, which still had a further 2 years to run.
  It is regrettable such circumstances have arisen, particularly having regard for IHRA’s popular and successful sanctioning of events conducted at Sydney Dragway for the past five years.
  As this matter will soon be before the courts IHRA will be making no further comment about these matters until the legal proceedings are resolved or determined..
  Maurice AllenMaurice Allen

IHRA Australia Pty Ltd
Reciprocal Event Licences
Attention Racers
Reciprocal Event Licences are available for all Sportsman racers with an alternative sanctioning body, who wish to compete in a IHRA Australia Sanctioned Event.
You can DOWNLOAD and complete this document and send to admin@ihraaustralia.com.au

 Click Here to Download Form

  • One-Day Event Licence for Sportsman Categories
  • Cost of IHRA Australia Event Licence is ONLY $50.00 to the Racer
  • Technical Inspect (100% Scrutineering) to be completed at Track by an IHRA Technical Officer (Valid for Event Only).
  • A Reciprocal Event Licence can ONLY be purchased twice in the same season
  • A current Licence and Logbook in date from an Alternative sanctioning body must be provided
  • Request and payment for a Reciprocal Event Licence must be completed prior to the Event.
  • Allocated times will be made available for the vehicle to be inspected
  • Teams responsibility to ensure the vehicle meets all IHRA Australia class regulations and class designations
  • IHRA Australia reserves the right to disallow any vehicle not compliant with class regulations and class designations
 New Multi Day Reciprocal Event Licence
Attention Racers
IHRA Australia has introduced a new Multi Day Reciprocal Event Licence (MDREL), which is available for all Sportsman racers, with current alternative sanctioning body credentials, who wish to compete in a IHRA Australia Sanctioned Event.
  1. Download MDREL form
  2. Send to IHRA Australia Head Office with $75.00 fee
  3. Present Vehicle/Bike at Track for Full IHRA Audit
  4. SEND IT


  • Request and Payment for a MDREL form, must be completed prior to the event.
  • A current Licence and Logbook in date from an Alternative Sanctioning Body must be provided.
  • Teams responsibility to ensure that vehicle meets all IHRA Australia Class regulations and Class designations.
  • Technical Inspect (100% Scrutineering) to be completed at Track by an IHRA Technical Officer (Valid for Event Only).
  • IHRA Australia reserves the right to disallow any vehicle not compliant with regulations and class designation. 
Effective July 1st 2021 Fuel Injection Permitted in Junior Dragster 
IHRA 13th May 2021
In line with IHRA Australia's vision and motivation to raise the standards of Drag Racing in Australia, we have taken the step forward to allow Fuel Injection in Junior Dragster. This move continues our efforts and goal to stay current with advancing technology and new products.
Class Reg 28820, Junior Dragster, Engine, Fuel System
Fuel injection permitted. Electronic fuel injection must be a "closed" system (ie, monitors only engine functions and does not monitor vehicle speed, wheel speed). Pessurised fuel system permitted. Maximum capacity of fuel tank or cell, 3 gallons. Fuel tank / cell must be equipped with a screw-on positive locking cap. All vents must be routed downwards and away from dirver. Open holes in fuel tank/cell prohibited.
IHRA 16th April 2021 
Dear Competitors and Race fans,
Heathcote Park Raceway and IHRA Australia are excited to announce the 2021 Victorian Sportsman Championship.
This exciting 7 Round Series will include points awarded from each event and the Class champion will be honoured at the presentation dinner to see out 2021.
Lance Warren from HPR commented, we are very excited to host this new Sportsman series at HPR as part of our commitment to bring back racing to Victoria and South Australia.   I would like to thank IHRA Australia for their continued support of HPR and the Drag Racing READ MORE. 
IHRA Australia Recruiting Stewards for Sydney Dragway NSW
IHRA - 11/03/2021
Ever wanted to be involved in motorsport? Now is your opportunity. IHRA Australia is now recruiting stewards for Sydney Dragway NSW.
For further information please contact Head Office at
Drag Racing Set to Thunder in Victoria
IHRA - 12/02/2021
In the most anticipated news to come out of the fog of COVID-19, is the exciting announcement of Heathcote Park Raceway situated in Knowsley, near Bendigo. It’s now in the hands of the new owner Lance Warren and his team. There is no doubt that Lance and his team have certainly set the Australian Drag Racing competitors and fans and sponsors into a frenzy with the regular updates showing the progress of major works that are well and truly underway.
To coincide with this exciting news and the signing of IHRA Australia we are pleased to be able to expand our network and Sanctioning Services to HPR.
IHRA Australia has recently undertaken applications to fill various rolls as part of its partnership with HPR, stated IHRA Australia CEO Maurice Allen, as a result IHRA Australia will move to provide some upcoming complimentary Tech Inspection days, to be held in conjunction with HPR for racers to attend and enjoy a BBQ, as well as facility announcements relating to the launch of 400 Thunder Championship Drag Racing, along with all the other popular events such as: Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Series, Jamboree, Grudge Kings, Kenda 660 Series and a number of exciting new events HPR has planned for 2021.
IHRA Australia Stewards and Technical Inspectors Required 
IHRA - 12/01/2021 
Ever wanted to be involved in Motorsport? Now is your opportunity! 

Heathcote Park Raceway is now an IHRA Australia sanctioned facility located only an hour and a half from Melbourne.

IHRA Australia is excited with the expansion of moving into the state of Victoria and sees this as a great step forward for the future of drag racing in Victoria.

IHRA Australia is looking for the right people to enhance our existing race-day team in Victoria.
The people we're looking for will be trained as IHRA Stewards and IHRA Australia Technical Inspectors.

All IHRA Australia Technical Inspectors and Stewards will be SFI Certified
You wil need to bring the following skills with you: 
  • Technically-minded
  • Attention to detail
  • Able to think on your feet
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer skills
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Equally confortable working in a team environment or on your own
  • The ability to be firm but fair in your dealings with racers
  • Responsible grasp of our racing classes
  • Good basic understanding of drag racing 
A resonable level of fitness is also needed as you will be on your feet for reasonably long periods while you perform your duties. 
Please contact IHRA Australia via email: admin@ihraaustralia.com.au  
IHRA - 5/01/2021
Hello everyone,
I just want to confirm that we have now settled on Heathcote Park Raceway and it's now officially changed ownership.
This has been an extremely difficult process but one that I was determined to see through and make it happen.
Now it's time to get to work, and make this place the best it can be for all drag racers in Victoria.
Please support us while we put into place our plans for the upgrades over the next 12 months.
We promise you that we will provide regular updates via all our social media platforms as often as we can.
Lastly, I wish Russel Clarke all the best in his retirement.
Many Thanks
Lance Warren
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